Honeywell 50250 True HEPA Air Purifier

Honeywell 50250 True HEPA Air Purifier is large unit designed for ease of use, low maintenance costs and for covering extra large rooms, even up to 390 sq.ft. (~36 sq.m.). True HEPA air filtration is achieved using activated carbon pre-filter and true HEPA main air filter.

Published: April 25, 2020.

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Honeywell 50250 Features and Specifications

Honeywell 50250 is 18 inches (~46 cm) in diameter and 19 inches (~48 cm) in height and it features 360° patented air intake and top clean air exhaust for maximum energy efficiency and air filtering surface.

Honeywell 50250 is simple to use air purifier and it lacks 'modern' features like WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity, remote control, status reporting via smartphone etc. But, because it is so simple to use, it is preferred choice of many people requiring high capacity home air purifier.

Unit features activated carbon pre-filter and main true HEPA air filter.

honeywell 50250 active carbon filters

Activated carbon pre-filter is HRF-AP1, designed for capturing larger particles, lint, pet and human hair, but also common household odors and dangerous gases, up to the point.

However, Honeywell also manufactures HRF-APP1 activated carbon pre-filter. HRF-APP1 is the same as HRF-AP1, except that it also features additional zeolite, for extra odor reduction.

HRF-AP1 and HRF-APP1 filters should be replaced every three months and although HRF-APP1 is a more expensive model, IMHO it should be preferred pre-filter model.

HRF-AP1 and HRF-APP1 filters are NOT washable filters.

Note: Honeywell 50250 is simple to operate and maintain air purifier, but just in case, read the manual/instructions before the first use!

When being replaced, HRF-AP1 or HRF-APP1 filter is simply wrapped around the true HEPA main air filter.

honeywell 50250 filters

The main air filter is Honeywell 24000 true HEPA air filter. Although this is NOT washable air filter, it can be cleaned (and it should be cleaned) with the vacuum cleaner, but gently in order to avoid any damage to the filter itself.

Honeywell 24000 true HEPA air filter lasts between 1 to 5 years, depending on the use, type of used pre-filter, and local air conditions.

honeywell 50250 hepa filters

When replacing 24000 air filter, there are two options:

- just get yourself a new OEM Honeywell 24000 air filter - recommended option,

- get three HRF-F1 HEPA air filter and stack them vertically. Although HRF-F1 filters are true HEPA filters, as they get clogged over time, more and more air and thus particles will pass between them and be released into the room again.

For short, Honeywell 24000 true HEPA air filter is not cheap air filter, but it is replaced rarely and it is worth its price. It's your call ...

Honeywell 50250 Controls

Honeywell 50250 controls are very simple - power knob has four positions:

- Off: turns the unit off,

- Turbo: fan operates at the maximum speed, but the unit is also the loudest at this setting. Note: unit is relatively quiet even using Turbo mode. Turbo mode is recommended for fast air purification when the unit is turned on after some time.

- Day: the fan operates at the medium speed. This setting is recommended for operation during the day as it balances between the amount of purified air and noise levels.

- Sleep: fan operates at the low speed. Unit is very quiet, while still providing air purification. This mode is recommended during the night, since the unit is very quiet and people, children and pets can sleep easily with the unit turned on in the same room.

honeywell 50250 hepa air purifier controls

Unit also features filters check lights - when they are turned on, it is time to replace or clean air filters.

Honeywell 50250 has AHAM certified CADR rating of 250 for most common pollutants: smoke, dust and pollen.

Such CADR rating and air purification in general, enables the unit to clean air at respectable speed, for example:

- 80 sq.ft. small room - 23 air changes per hour,

- 149 sq.ft. medium room - 12 air changes per hour,

- 390 sq.ft. extra large room - 5 air changes per hour.

Note: CADR rating and these air changes per hour are measured/achieved with the new air filters and using Turbo mode.

Nonetheless, Day and Sleep modes are more commonly used than Turbo mode. In fact, many user simply set the unit to operate in Sleep mode and forget it until filter check indicator is turned on.

Honeywell 50250: Air Purifier, Air Cooler or Air Heater?

Honeywell 50250 is air purifier - it doesn't cool or heat the air.

However, since it circulate the air, it is possible that the warmer air (near the ceiling) gets mixed with cooler air (near the floor), giving the sensation that the room is actually cooler or warmer than before the unit was turned on.

Similar effects have other air purifiers, especially with strong air flow and top air exhaust.

Long Story Short: Honeywell 50250 is simple to use and easy to maintain unit. It lacks certain 'high-tech' features, but exactly that is the reason why many users prefer it.

If you need high capacity home air purifier with true HEPA air purification, consider Honeywell 50250 air purifier.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check Honeywell 50250 True HEPA Air Purifier Amazon link (link opens in the new window).