Eufy Life Vacuums

Eufy by Anker is known for their home security devices and home appliances, vacuum cleaners included.

Although they don't manufacture a large number of different vacuum cleaner types, their robot and cordless vacuums may often be found at various 'the best' lists.

For a full up-to-date list of their products, feel free to check the official Eufy Life site (link opens in the new window).

Here is the list of our Eufy reviews and recommendations according to the added date:

Eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity and Eufy HomeVac S11 Go Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

eufy s11 infinity mEufy HomeVac S11 Infinity and Eufy HomeVac S11 Go are two very similar cordless, convertible 2-in-1 stick/handheld vacuums, suitable for cleaning in emergencies and for regular cleanup tasks.

Eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity and Eufy HomeVac S11 Go are practically the same units, with the main difference being in extra battery and additional soft brushroll that comes with the Infinity model.

Published: October 12, 2020.

Eufy HomeVac H11 Cordless Handheld Vacuum

eufy homevac h11 mEufy HomeVac H11 is very compact and ultralight cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, designed for quick cleanups around the home and in emergencies.

Eufy HomeVac H11 is powered by a lithium-ion battery charged via USB port, providing enough power to ensure thorough cleaning of various types of dirt, including hair, crumbs, dust, and similar.

Published: August 3, 2020.

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