Levoit Air Purifiers

Levoit manufactures a wide range of products important for keeping the home air quality at a certain level, like air purifiers, air humidifiers and similar.

Their HEPA air purifiers are some of the best and the most popular models on the market, well-liked and accepted by many users.

For the full up-to-date list of their products, feel free to check the official Levoit site (link opens in the new window).

Here is the list of our Levoit reviews and recommendations according to the added date:

Levoit Vital 100 H13 True HEPA Air Purifier

levoit vital 100 mLevoit Vital 100 is a very popular true HEPA air purifier intended for home use only, despite its capacity to purify air even in the larger spaces.

Levoit Vital 100 comes with a very simple control panel and lacks the most advanced features like WiFi connectivity, voice prompts, support for Amazon Alexa, Siri, Google Home Assistant, etc., but these are the reasons why so many people prefer such unit.

Published: November 25, 2020.

Levoit LV-H132 Compact HEPA Air Purifier

levoit lv h132 mLevoit LV-H132 is a true HEPA, ultra-quiet, compact air purifier, designed for single rooms and smaller areas in general.

Thanks to its size, performances, ease of use and maintenance, acceptable price, etc., Levoit LV-H132 is one of the most popular HEPA air purifiers on the market.

Published: July 3, 2020.

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