ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner is very popular and affordable robot vacuum cleaner. It's design is based on ILIFE's A4 model and it features several interesting and important features. Still, it is simple to use and maintain vacuum cleaner that will help any home owner to keep the home clean and safe.

Nonetheless, like all other robot vacuums, ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes with several limitations, requiring the user to keep the main vacuum cleaner ready for overall cleanups.

Published: September 19, 2020.

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 ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner Specifications

ILIFE A4s is very compact unit, allowing it to easily navigate vacuumed area and avoid various objects and obstacles commonly found at home, like walls, furniture, stairs etc.

ILIFE A4s diameter is 12.2 inches (31 cm), and its height is 3 inches (7.6 cm) allowing it to clean under beds and sofas.

Unit weighs only 4.9 pounds (2.2 kg) and when required, it can be easily lifted if and when required.

ILIFE A4s robot vacuum is powered with 2600 mAh power fade-free lithium ion battery, allowing the unit to operate 120-140 minutes on a single battery charge. When the battery is fully discharged, it takes some 5 hours to fully charge it.

Note: ILIFE A4s is very easy to use and maintain robot vacuum cleaner, but before the very first charging, be sure to read the manual thoroughly.

Dirt bin capacity is 0.45 liters and its size is acceptable, considering the size of the unit.

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 ILIFE A4s - Missing Advanced Feature

It it is important to note that there are few advanced features that are not available - many users actually like the simplicity of ILIFE A4s and similar models and the fact that some advanced features are NOT present is actually considered as a great plus by many users for such robotic vacuums. These features include:

- Advanced Navigation System: ILIFE A4s still uses rather simple navigation system, moving around in random pattern. But in the end, it gets its job done and the floors are left clean - some spots are cleaned several times, some perhaps only once or not even once, but advanced navigation system requires additional sensors and computing power and can significantly increase the price of the robot vacuum cleaner.

- No Cleaning Task Resume: when the battery is depleted, ILIFE A4s robot will find the docking/charging station, dock with it and charge itself, however, after being recharged, unit will NOT resume with the cleaning task.

- No WiFi connectivity: ILIFE A4s is controlled with the simple press of the button on top of the unit, or via remote control. It does NOT feature WiFi connectivity and there is no support for Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant or any similar automatic home system.

- no magnetic strips or virtual wall system: the only 100% efficient way of limiting the range of the ILIFE A4s is to close the doors and not letting it out of the cleaned area. Magnetic strips and/or virtual wall system would be nice to have, but they would also increase the price of these units.

There are few other features that can be found on a more advanced and more expensive models, but these are generally the most important features that are not available.

ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner Features

ILIFE A4s comes with three stage cleaning:

- a pair of side brushes: side brushes sweeps the area ahead of the vacuum cleaner and on the both sides of the vacuum, channeling the dirt and debris toward the center of the vacuum. Also, they help the unit clean the wall edges and similar areas.

- central motorized brush is of improved design and it features double V-shaped rows of bristles. Bristles help sweep the bare floors and pick up deeply embedded dirt from carpets and area rugs. Double V-shaped rows design decrease the amount of entangled hair, but nonetheless from time to time user has to clean the brush manually.

- strong suction: ILIFE A4s features relatively good suction, allowing the unit to effectively clean bare floors like tiles, hardwood, laminate etc. but also low-pile carpets. Medium-pile carpets can be vacuumed too, but high-pile carpets and thick area rugs can cause issues to the main wheels and motorized V-shaped brush - unit can even get stuck on such surfaces and V-shaped brush can't penetrate deep enough on such surfaces for the unit to clean them properly.

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When the battery is low, ILIFE A4s automatically finds the charging station, docks with it and recharge itself. In order for the unit to more easily find the charging station, be sure that there are no obstacles near the charging station (3 feet of free space on the sides and 6-7 feet with no obstacles ahead of the charging station).

Unit comes with the set of sensors that help it to navigate the cleaned area and avoid bumping into obstacles and fall off the stairs.

ILIFE A4s automatically adjust itself to different types of floors, allowing the unit to clean different floor types without the user intervention.

Note: due to the cliff sensors, it is possible that ILIFE A4s (and other similar units) has issues when traversing really dark carpets, since dark areas can give false-positive reading on the cliff sensors, forcing the unit to return and change direction. Although it is not supported officially, some users (ab)use this false-positive readings and limit the range of motion by using dark/black matte duct tape.

Excellent air filtration is based on washable primary filter and sponge-type air filter and non-washable high-performance HEPA filter.

Note: ILIFE doesn't state actual HEPA class of the high-performance HEPA filter. The primary filter and sponge-type air filter should be washed periodically, depending on the units use, while HEPA filter can be tapped onto hard surface few time in order to remove fine dirt from it. After some time, HEPA filter must be replaced.

Cleaning tasks can be scheduled once per day, seven days per week - at the set time, unit starts with the automatic cleaning and vacuums until the battery drops down to 20% of its nominal charge, after which units return to the charging station and recharge itself.

On a single battery charge, unit can vacuum up to 2100 sq.ft. (~195 sq.m.), but low-pile and especially medium-pile carpets can reduce floor area that can be vacuumed on a single battery charge.

When vacuuming, unit uses several cleaning modes including automatic cleaning mode, edge cleaning mode, spot cleaning mode and Mini-Room cleaning mode.

Mini-Room cleaning mode was not present on previous ILIFE A4 model and it allows the user to set the unit to cleaning smaller area faster. This cleaning mode saves the battery charge, prolonging its operating life.

ILIFE A4s comes with 1-year warranty, which is almost standard warranty for the robot vacuums in this price class.

ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance

For exact maintenance procedures, check the manual that comes with ILIFE A4s.

ilife a4s accessory kit

ILIFE A4s is simple to maintain unit. Most important maintenance tasks include:

- emptying the dirt bin. Depending on the use and type and amount of dirt, dirt bin should be emptied almost after each vacuuming.

- keeping the air filters clean. Wash washable air filters and from time to time, change the HEPA filter.

- keeping the side brushes and main brush clean from dust, lint, pet and human hair and similar. When they get worn out, replace them.

- keep the sensors, wheels and charging pins clean, etc.

ilife a4s mFor Short: ILIFE A4s robot vacuum cleaner helps the user keep the home cleaner and safer to life, although it lacks certain advanced features. Robot vacuums can't replace main vacuum cleaner, especially not for cleaning elevated surfaces.

But, ILIFE A4s does a good job on bare floors and on low- and medium-pile carpets, while on high-pile carpets and thick rugs, it can even get stuck.

If you are looking for simple and affordable robot vacuum cleaner, consider ILIFE A4s - it is very popular model for many reasons.

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