Shark HV292 Rocket Corded Hand Vacuum

Shark HV292 Rocket Corded Hand Vacuum cleaner is a bagless, handheld vacuum cleaner, designed for regular cleaning and cleaning in emergencies. As corded unit, Shark HV292 features plenty of suction, with operating time not limited by the energy stored in the onboard battery.

Shark HV292 Rocket Corded Hand Vacuum is affordable unit, suitable as the second vacuum cleaner for detailed vacuuming of home, cars, boats etc. anywhere where there is a need for compact and sturdy vacuum, with the mains power present.

Updated: February 10, 2020.

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Shark HV292 Rocket Features and Specifications

Shark HV292 Rocket is ergonomically designed handheld vacuum cleaner, with very simple and intuitive controls near the handle.

Unit is lightweight and can be operated using single hand or using both hands when flexible stretch cleaning hose is used.

Unit weighs only 3.7 pounds (slightly less than 1.7 kg) and is rated at 400 watts - Shark HV292 features excellent suction, regardless of the cleaning attachment being used.

Power cord is 'only' 15 feet (~4.5 m) long - we say 'only' because if could be longer, to help the user reach and clean larger area without changing the wall power socket.

But, HV292 doesn't feature automatic power cord rewind system and the longer power cord would be harder to wrap manually around the vacuum's main body. Also, this vacuum is intended for cleaning of smaller surfaces or areas and generally, singe wall power socket is enough.

Note: if you really need longer power cord, consider using extension cord, just have in mind that HV292 uses ~3.5 Amps during operation constantly - it doesn't feature suction control of any kind.

crevice tool

Dirt cup capacity is 0.43 dry quarts (slightly less than 0.5 liters) which is enough for most situations. Dirt cup features bottom emptying system, enabling the user to empty the dirt cup directly into the trashcan, without touching the dirt.

It is recommended to empty the dirt cup after each use or when vacuumed dirt reaches 'Max Fill Line'. Such emptying policy ensures that the unit never loses suction power.

Air filtration is very good, but the manufacturer doesn't state level of air filtration.

Air filtration is based on the cyclonic action, a pair of pre-motor air filters and a single post-motor air filter.

All filters are hand washable using plain water. After washing, they must be fully dried prior assembling them back into the unit - moist filters can cause issues with the operation, can even cause damage to the unit and void the warranty.

Note: Shark HV292 is designed to have zero maintenance costs, thus, air filters are washable. Also, it is very simple to use and maintain vacuum cleaner, but when it arrives, be sure to read the manual thoroughly.

Depending on the use, pre-motor filters should be washed every month, while post-motor filter should be washed annually.

Shark HV292 Rocket comes with 5-year limited warranty, which is excellent warranty for the vacuum in this price range.

Shark HV292 Rocket Attachments

Shark HV292 comes with several, very useful cleaning attachments. Note that the connections are solid and attachments are securely connected with the vacuum.

Cleaning tools and attachments that come with HV292 are:

- flexible cleaning hose allows the user to clean hard to reach areas, which can be very useful when vacuuming stairs, furniture, cars, and other tight and awkward places.

- crevice tool is long and narrow cleaning tool, designed to reach gaps, edges, corners and similar surfaces. Crevice tool that comes with Shark HV292 is 12 inches (30.5 cm) long, greatly extending the reach.

dusting brush- dusting brush is used for dusting various surfaces. It bristles glides across the cleaned surface, picking up dust and other dirt, which are then vacuumed into the unit by strong suction.

Note: Both crevice tool and dusting brush can be connected directly to the main unit's body or to the flexible stretch cleaning hose.

- TruePet mini motorized tool can be connected only to the unit's main body (no connection via flexible cleaning hose). TruePet mini motorized tool features rotating brushroll that picks up deeply embedded dirt like dust, lint, pet and human hair and similar and is commonly used on the surfaces like smaller carpets, carpeted stairs, car seats, sofas, couches etc.

Note that some delicate surfaces should not be vacuumed using motorized tools, TruePet included. Also, TruePet motorized tool is not maintenance free tool and it is up to the user to periodically remove tangled hair and lint.

truepet motorized tool

For short: Shark HV292 is compact, affordable and versatile corded, handheld vacuum, with no maintenance costs. Also, it has excellent, 5-year limited warranty.

If you are looking for a second vacuum cleaner for your home or apartment, consider this unit.

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